Renga Relay Poetry Batons

The Renga Relay poetry batons were created by children aged 7-11 who attended the summer writing workshops in Crown Street library, Darlington. Their verses and chorus have been woven into the Renga Relay which is being supported by Ian MacMillan.  Ian wrote the first stanza in the sequence for Barnard Castle’s Winning Words project back in June. The poem has been touring schools and libraries in the area since and is now back with Ian to add the finishing touches and hopefully record the entire relay which will be heard during the Celebration event at NeST on Thursday 4th October, National Poetry Day.

Renga Relay

pass on this great torch

through these streets paved with North’s gold:

pass it to your Mam …

chicken wire, flames, burning

greet crowds with Olympic cheer

nerves race, heart beating

pulse flies sky high rapidly

raise the flag of hope

everyone celebrates

a once in a lifetime chance

race now catch the torch

who will win bronze, silver, gold

London Twenty Twelve

now mam sprints like someone cool

for those who lost and who won

cheering supporters

encourage their favourites

to golden glory

14, 13, 25,

a hoard of bronze, silver, gold

football, basketball,

diving, racing, training hard

gold Olympic flame

we’re going to win, win, win,

we’re going for a medal

eyes on the finish

supporters’ shouts echo round

gold is oh so near

we’re going to win, win, win,

we’re going for a medal

record hero wow

medal winning podium first place

proud mind determined future

we’re going to win, win, win

we’re going for a medal

beat mum to the finish

I can win a gold medal

I win the medal

As the country’s paralympians start their quest to win a hoard of medals, our thanks go to the following people for participating in the Renga Relay:

Ian Macmillan, Turrets Youth Theatre Group, Key Stage 2 children from Forest of Teesdale Primary School, Montalbo Key Stage 2 Pupils, Heighington School Years 1 & 2, Butterknowle School Key Stage 2, Jenny Teale from Darlington, Crown Street library summer school participants: Sofia, Poppy, Annie, CharlotteT. and Charlotte S. who used the Winning Words Generator game to produce the poetry batons.