Preparing to see the play with Arts Award advisers Jill Cole and Judith Lesley Marshall

Preparing to see the play with Arts Award advisers Jill Cole and Judith Lesley Marshall

A few weeks ago the Bronze Award Turrets group attended Theatre Hullabaloo’s performance of Kevin Dyer’s Angel at the Hub in Barnard Castle.  Since then they have been writing reviews about both this and other performances that they have attended and been gathering evidence for their portfolios.   Here are a few of their opinions:

Jack: ‘Angel is the story of a young girl (Bill) who meets someone with dementia (Miriam), and shows how she has to adapt to a person who is struggling with memory lapses.  I believe that the production was successful because of the intricate details … the newspapers and letters cluttered over chairs, tables and over the floor.  I had the opportunity after the performance to look at such detail and was amazed at what I saw.’

Abigail: ‘Angel is an emotional play that highlights how people of different ages and backgrounds can be linked in the strangest of ways.  It clearly shows what effects dementia can have on vulnerable people and expresses the importance of helping these people.  I learnt a lot about dementia from this experience.  I also learnt more about acting with a small budget and how you can make a play effective.’

Ellie: ‘I would definitely recommend this play to others because I myself thoroughly enjoyed it.’

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In the play there is a scene where Miriam exercises her memory by naming things such as biscuits using the letters of the alphabet as stimuli.  As memories can be categorised according to people, places and events we used this device in the last session to produce acrostic poems based on the key players and places involved in London 2012.  ‘x’ was the most difficult letter to find a word for and there was some debate about using the names of Olympic footballers.  In true game show style the young people used their mobile phones to ask a friend (i.e. google) for suitable answers when they couldn’t think of their own.  They drew up their lists in pairs then shared suggestions as a group.  This week we turn our attention to people with the ‘X’ factor i.e. arts heroes and heroines to research for part C of the Bronze Award.