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Touring textile/poetry installationAnne Dauber and textile artist Lone Helliwell begin the Barnard Castle Winning Words legacy by launching the textile/poetry installation at NeST on Thursday 4th October at 7p.m. This will be the first opportunity for members of the public to view the artwork which was developed from Anne’s winning poem The Great Grey Barn. Postcards of the piece are available from NeST gallery in Newgate, priced at 50p each. Proceeds will be used to hold further poetry events in the community.

The installation will be on display at NeST gallery until Sunday 14th October. It will then begin a tour of village halls, business and community spaces as follows:

15th to 29th October – Butterknowle Village Hall

1st to 15th November – Woodleigh in Barnard Castle

17th November to 1st December – Egglestone Village Hall

20th December to 3rd January – Anthony Nixon Furniture, Barnard Castle

28th January to 11th February – Hamsterley Village Hall

If you would like to arrange to display the piece in your area, contact NeST gallery on

Telephone: 01833 695172 Mobile: 07413 101014


The last two entries for the textile squares were delivered to NeST just before the deadline.  We are delighted that people have taken up the offer of participating in this part of the project remotely, if they are unable to attend sessions in either Barnard Castle, Darlington or Richmond.

The first from a lady in Marwood interprets: ‘Your faces staring back through the grills on the broad gate, crushing the cud, your insolent eyes watching me shiver.’

Textile submission  Sender Valerie Metcalf explains that: ‘the square is of handmade felt, some of which is hand-dyed  shetland ‘curls’.  The background and cow’s head were felted, then embellished with needle felting.  The gate was sewn from a hessian sack and the grass, cud and cow parsley completed the picture’.

The square is enhanced with both  embroidery and beading.

I am in awe of both this and the second piece to arrive which was submitted by Pauline Stokoe of Kelton in Upper Teesdale.  Pauline’s square is made from an Upper Teesdale Swaledale fleece which was washed and hand dyed.  The marigold leaves were needle felted onto the base.  The flowers, legs and hooves were cut from felt and needle felted in appropriate colours.  Pieces were attached to the base by needle felting and stitching.

The title of Pauline’s submission is: ‘Hooves tread between the marsh marigolds’.

A great deal of skill and patience has gone into creating both these textile squares and we are grateful that the two ladies took the time to deliver their submissions to the gallery.

The final selection is now underway.  Facilitator Lone Helliwell will assemble the chosen pieces into the final installation which will be launched at NeST gallery in Barnard Castle on Thursday 4th October.

Textile submission 2

Textile artist Lone Helliwell meets poet Anne Dauber

Textile artist Lone Helliwell met poet Anne Dauber recently to discuss the format for the Olympic Textile Art Workshops.

Anne has supplied photographs of the barn and area that inspired her poem the Great Grey Barn.

Participants will be invited to use both these and words from the poem to inspire their own work.

Lone has set up a series of 2 hour sessions during which people will be invited to create 5″ squares using a variety of textile techniques.

The following dates are for workshops held at NeST gallery, 25 Newgate, Barnard Castle.

Tuesday 12th June 1.30 – 3.30p.m.

Friday 15th June 2 – 4p.m.

Friday 13th July 2 – 4p.m.

To book a place e-mail: or tel: 07413 101014

People wishing to submit textile squares without attending workshops can do so by sending them together with name, address and contact details to:

Judith Lesley Marshall, Winning Words Textile Installation, c/o  NeST gallery, 25 Newgate, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham, DL12 8NG by Saturday 21st July 2012.

Remember to include brief information about the techniques used and the parts of the poem depicted in the square.  All squares will be considered for inclusion in the final installation which will tour village halls and community spaces as of October 2012.

For those of you who missed the poem first time round, please read on:

The great grey barn where the cows once lived

lies empty now.

Straw abandoned like

an unmade bed,

the hollow which was, for those blackened months, their Winter womb

lies cold.


I passed your barn

every day and saw your bovine stare,

snug within the parameters of your stone house,

high pillows of dense packed snow.


Monochrome scene from the window,

hills creased by rocks

full stopping the landscape.

My eyes rest on the hush and linger.

Desolate, dank.  Lie still.  No rush.

But the Winter comes and goes, as it pleases.


High on the hills now

dawdling away the afternoon

their great backsides

sodden, slapped

with the soil from a sepia Winter


Your faces staring back through the grills on the broad gate

crushing the cud, your insolent eyes watching me shiver.


Now, I idly watch at you from my kitchen window

while you come to visit, calf in tow,

eyes wide with looking at

the machinery of my life

and all that I need, just to be able to eat.

While you chew in my face,

rubbing it in.

The nettles around your hooves flattened

as you tread between

the saucers of marsh marigold.


I am glad.


Cow in the Great Grey Barn